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Who We Are

We are building an ecosystem to extend the utility and value of NFTs.

This platform was created to allow NFT holders and creators to add value to their tokens by using them in blockchain enabled games. Game developers can use this platform to fundraise or create unique experiences for their blockchain communities.


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Grow your audience and expand your brand with your own NFTs.

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Increase the value of your NFTs by adding in-game rewards and bonuses for every holder.

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Add your game to our platform and integrate with our API to enable NFT gameplay.

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Select NFTs from your wallet and connect them for in-game rewards and bonuses.

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Discover, buy, and sell NFTs in the EnjinX Marketplace

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Connect your NFTs with any of the games in the playground

Shield of Shalwend
Wargods Online 2
Theta Warriors Defense
K9 Empire


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